Class Description:

This course examines the language and techniques of watercolor painting from Landscape.

Students will paint using a variety of strategies derived from current and historical practice. This class focuses on a free watercolor approach. The goal is to transmit and exemplify what you see in nature to the paper, learning to simplify and avoid overworking, using the watercolor properties of causing accidents without losing control. This "spontaneous" method of applying watercolor paint is what gives life to the paintings of masters like John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, Anders Zom, to list a few. Assignments include copying paintings of these masters, as well as self-directed tasks using pictures from the instructor and the students. Learning through step-by-step demonstrations: how to draw, color mix, use tonal values, control brushwork, and create a composition. The basics of watercolor must be understood to achieve its freshness. The instructor decodes this difficult medium in parts, to help the student learn to let the medium "paint itself". This course is excellent for beginner and intermediate artists who are looking to take their watercolor painting to the next level.

Spring Session Dates:

Scheduled occurrences for the next session of this class are as follows:

Week 1:
2 - 5 pm ET
Week 2:
2 - 5 pm ET
Week 3:
2 - 5 pm ET
Week 4:
2 - 5 pm ET
Week 5:
2 - 5 pm ET
Week 6:
2 - 5 pm ET
Week 7:
2 - 5 pm ET
Week 8:
2 - 5 pm ET
Week 9:
2 - 5 pm ET

  1. Before Class - Welcome & How to Prepare for Class

  2. Week 1 - Thee Values (Instructor’s photo reference: Nature)

  3. Week 2 - Wet on Wet (Instructor’s photo reference: Water)

  4. Week 3 - Warm and Cool (Instructor’s photo reference: City)

  5. Week 4 -Three Colors (Instructor’s photo reference: City and Nature)

  6. Week 5 - Four Colors (Instructor’s photo reference)

  • $395.00
  • In-Person
  • 9 Weeks
  • Beginner to Advanced

Meet Your Instructor

Marcelo Daldoce


Marcelo Daldoce (b. 1979) is a Brazilian artist living and working in Philadelphia since 2020. In 2016, he acquired his MFA from the New York Academy of Art. He has shown his work in Brazil, NYC, Sotheby’s, and many other international exhibitions. Daldoce’s primary medium is watercolor. For more than 20 years, he has been uniquely transforming it. His skill, style, and subjects have infused the medium with contemporary vitality.

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