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Transcending the Photo Reference Workshop: In-Person

Alyssa Monks | Spring 2023 | May 17 - May 19

Taught by Alyssa Monks, this 3-day in-person workshop is designed to guide the student towards creating a painting from a photo reference using both indirect and direct traditional painting techniques. It aims to instruct painters on how to use the photograph to create a painting that surpasses the look of the photograph, rather than simply imitating it.

Composing Paintings in Photoshop: Online

Robert Dale Williams | Spring II | Fridays: Mar 24 - April 28

Whether you’re an experienced Photoshop user or entirely new to digital media, inventive strategies for manipulating and harmonizing visual references from widely varying sources will open imaginative options in your work. This course guides students through the process of gathering, editing, and composing images to serve as refined source material for traditional media paintings. Long the tool of professional designers in the publishing and entertainment industries, Adobe Photoshop provides creative professionals with virtually unlimited visual options. After introducing the user interface, Williams will demonstrate the techniques he has used to craft his own oil paintings and digital illustrations. Students will craft their own compositions and build onto them with assistance by Williams.

Student Testimonials

“Living far away from NYC I never thought I'd be able to take a course at NYAA - the online modality offered made it possible! ”

“I have taken several online classes and workshops over the past 2 years from a variety of artists and schools. I have found your format and instructors to be top notch. I am a high school art instructor…and working artist. I have personally grown as an artist and have shared what I have learned with my students. ”


“You provide varied options which are both traditional and on trend. These are delivered by instructors who have each been uniquely expressive and passionate about their art, have been able to walk the line between structure and expectation and encouragement of personal artistic growth. Some classes brought in diverse and fascinating influences which widened the focus of the class and in so doing you were in an atmosphere of total inspiration! ”

“It allows me to take a high quality class that has helped me to improve as an artist remotely. I don’t live in New York and though I would love the opportunity to study in person, I would never be able to do so. Online classes make what was previously impossible possible, I’m very grateful for the opportunity. ”

“I loved Zane York's still life class. I took it twice. Part of me always wished I'd gone for an MFA, but thats not something thats accessible to me. I feel like I get an opportunity to take a really challenging masters level course that I could not get anywhere else. It was honestly the most wonderful thing. I learned so much from him. I can't wait to take his course again. ”

“Often continuing ed. classes are thin of content and lacking in teacher concern but these classes were rich in both. I'm already looking at your March offerings, trying to figure out how I can make time for another class.”


“Your teachers are absolutely fantastic. I've taken lots of online courses, but never felt as much of a connection to my teachers as with NYAA.”

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