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Mixed Media Compositional Drawing & Painting: In-Person

Michael Grimaldi | Fall 2022 | Dec 10 - Dec 11

Join Michael Grimaldi, NYAA Director of Drawing & Anatomy, for this two-day, intensive workshop. Students will explore strategies to construct compositionally resolved and holistically organized mixed-media drawing/painting hybrids from direct observation. Using a combination of wet and dry media at different stages of the drawing/painting process, methods will be investigated to optimize the performance and efficiency of radically different - yet compatible - materials within the same picture while simultaneously enhancing the artists’ investigative process and ability to creatively and efficiently problem-solve.

Fundamentals of Oil Painting: Online

Dennis Cheaney | Spring I | Tuesdays: Jan 24 - Feb 28

This course is intended for those students who have taken introductory courses in the past and would like to further develop their studio skills. Students will learn how to transition from drawing into an oil painting. Through a series of projects, we will work from prints of master works (supplied by teacher) and explore how to apply principles of drawing, light and color mixing. Each class begins with a demonstration or lecture followed by one-on-one instruction. Through email, the instructor will supply all prints of master works, lecture notes and give additional feedback (once per week). Optional homework and outside reading will be assigned so students may work independently to reinforce the concepts from class.

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