Class Description:

Join Robert Armetta for this in-person classic atelier approach to mastering the figure.

This class will focus on practical and historical figure-drawing and painting methods. Students will learn clear processes for ascertaining proper proportions, establishing anatomical accuracy, and modeling form in light and shadow. The class is designed to eliminate guesswork and trial-and-error in painting and drawing and is suited to students of all levels. Working from a live model taking a sustained pose, students will have the opportunity to create a finished work by the end of class. Students are welcome to focus on either drawing or painting in the class.

Spring Semester Dates:

Scheduled occurrences for the next semester of this class are as follows:

Week 1:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 2:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 3:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 4:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 5:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 6:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 7:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 8:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 9:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 10:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 11:
10 am - 1 pm ET
Week 12:
10 am - 1 pm ET

  1. Before Class - Welcome & How to Prepare for Class

  2. Week 1 - First Day of Long Pose I

  3. Week 2 - Second Day of Long Pose I

  4. Week 3 - Third Day of Long Pose I

  5. Week 4- Fourth Day of Pose I

  6. Week 5 - Fifth Day of Long Pose I

  • $595.00
  • In-Person
  • 12 Weeks
  • Beginner to Advanced

Meet Your Instructor

Robert Armetta


Robert Armetta has studied classical art extensively in the U.S. and in Europe. He holds an MFA from the New York Academy of Art, and he is the recipient of many awards and distinctions, including two international awards for portrait painting from the Portrait Society of America and the Annual Award for Excellence in Art Education from the Lyme Academy College of Art. His work is featured in many books and magazines on contemporary art. He has also exhibited in museums, colleges, and art galleries across the United States. He is the founder and former Director of The Long Island Academy of Fine Art, and he currently teaches at the New York Academy of Art, in Manhattan.

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