Class Description:

This course is intended to understand the nature of watercolor.

Using different materials leads to different results and students will learn and explore by seeing what suits their vision and individual style. General rules of how and when to use wet on wet, dry brushes and how to build color by layering are covered. Once we are familiarized with the medium, then applying that knowledge to create representational images. Students are guided to strengthen the work by managing the weak part of their work such as lack of contrast, imbalance of color harmony between warm and cool, creating depth using aerial perspective and depth to the object using the bleeding technique.

Spring Session I | Dates:

Scheduled occurrences for the next session of this class are as follows:

Week 1:
2- 5 pm ET
Week 2:
2- 5 pm ET
Week 3:
2- 5 pm ET
Week 4:
2- 5 pm ET
Week 5:
2- 5 pm ET
Week 6:
2- 5 pm ET

  1. Before Class - Welcome & How to Prepare for Class

  2. Week 1 - Getting started

  3. Week 2 - Start a painting (Understanding of colors)

  4. Week 3 - Use of white space

  5. Week 4 - Focus on creating Texture

  6. Week 5 - Value

  • $270.00
  • Online
  • 6 Weeks
  • Intermediate to Advanced

Meet Your Instructor

Michiyo Fukushima


A fine artist specializing in watercolor, Michiyo Fukushima lives and works in New York City. She has exhibited her work in NYC, Miami(FL), Charleston(SC), Kent(CT), Ginza & Shinjuku(Tokyo), and Umeda(Osaka). The International Herald Tribune, Fine Art Connoisseur, American Artist, Pratique DES Arts (French), and Bijustu no MADO (Japanese) among others have featured her work in the past. As an expert in her field, she teaches at a number of reputable art schools and institutions throughout the city, as well as online. She has works in private, museum, and corporate collections. Even though she studied drawing and painting in high school, she pursued a career as a professional photographer for several magazines in her early 20s. Even though she enjoyed photography, it was not fulfilling her desire to create, so she went abroad to rekindle her love of art. Watercolor was something she stumbled upon by accident, but she quickly fell in love with it.

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